At Mint Worthy , we want to empower the hearts & minds of women to reconnect to their dreams, release their abundance blocks & live out that big audacious vision for their life.

Women love to talk...
Weโ€™ll talk for hours about the things that matter to us: our families, our work, our favourite retail brands. But when itโ€™s time to talk money, our lips shut tight.
For so many of us, money and finances arenโ€™t things we were ever taught to be comfortable with. We get lost in all the financial jargon and convince ourselves we canโ€™t possibly be good enough with numbers to get it all figured out. So, we hide, ignore our growing debts and shrinking bank accounts, and hope it all goes away.
Well, no more.
Mint Worthy was created to change the way that women relate to money and empower them to step into a life of financial freedom.
Financial freedom is within your reach.
Letโ€™s help you get there! Join the MW Community - a movement of financially empowered women, fearlessly going after their dreams.
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