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Talojẹ́ is a Yoruba (Nigerian) phrase that literally means “Who are you”? It is a brand centered around the individual's freedom to evolve in their identity. Talojẹ́ grew from my frustration with the judgment and opinions of society on how I should be, act and dream with regards to my race, gender and career.

Our mission: To produce products that reflect the diversity and intersectionality of the global citizen.

When our customers wear our clothing, we want them to feel bold about embracing the different aspects of their identity, and to accept that their evolution is essential to becoming the best version of themselves. Society constantly asks the question “Who are you?” or “Ta lo je” to challenge a part of a person’s identity whenever it deviates from the norm. Your response should be: “I’m still evolving, but I’m definitely not a monolith”. Each of the outfits tells the same story but in different ways – your identity is a combination of experiences and influences, and it’s ever changing.

Our collection features minimalist designs that are adapted for Western settings. The designs don’t restrict you to just African events but make the ultimate impression even at work, cocktails or at a TED talk. Talojẹ́ designs are a blend of African textiles cut to Western silhouettes, to create a sophisticated look for the socially conscious global citizen. It looks simple - but don’t be surprised if people do a double take when you step into a room.

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