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Sarima Fine Foods


Toronto, ON, Canada


At Sarima Fine Foods group, we pride ourselves in providing the best to our clients by providing lasting memories over food. We specialize in pushing the boundaries when it comes to food, by providing you with a wide selection of delicious cuisines with a personalized twist by our chef to suit our client needs. We customize our menus and service to meet the requirements of our clients.


Sarima Fine Foods is passionate about food and we provide mouthwatering, quality and affordable foods that will have our clients coming back for more. We source for the freshest ingredients to create and deliver wholesome meals that are amazing and certainly will impress our clients. Sarima Fine Foods is a service you can trust and we do all this for the love of food. Contact on Whatsapp for all Inquiries & Orders.

Contact Number, Email and Social Profiles

Phone number / Whatsapp: 647-872-0503




Egusi Soup Chicken

Medium: $50 Large: $70

Egusi Soup Assorted

Medium: $60 Large: $80

Efo Riro Chicken

Medium: $55 Large: $75

Efo Riro Assorted

Medium: $65 Large: $80

Okro Soup Seafood or Assorted

Medium: $60 Large: $80

Jollof Rice Chicken/Turkey

Medium: $55 Large: $75

Jollof Rice Beef

Medium: $65 Large: $85

Fried Rice/Coconut Rice: Chicken/ Turkey

Medium: $50 Large: $75

Fried Rice/Coconut Rice: Beef

Medium: $60 Large: $80

Nigerian Chicken/Turkey

Medium: $50 Large: $70

Nigerian Assorted

Medium: $65 Large: $85

Nigerian Fish

Medium: $55 Large: $75

Meat Pie: $2.75 each minimum 20 pies

Veggie Pies: $2.65 each minimum 20 pies

Scotch Eggs: $4 each minimum 12

Puff Puff: $30 Small Tray(25-30 pieces)

Puff Puff: $45 Medium Tray(40-55 pieces)

Puff Puff: $70 Large Tray(60-80 pieces) Puff Puff Sauces:

Vanilla Pudding: $2.50 per Cup Baileys Chocolate Ganache: $2.50 per Cup

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