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Make Gifting Easier, Try Back Pocket 🎁

Launching this Christmas is a platform built for the worst (or best) kind of people. Remember that terrible gift you got last birthday? Or have you ever been stuck trying to find that perfect gift for a friend? Either way, BackPocket thinks it’s got the solution to your problem, and one that’s within your budget too.

“The day you’ve got $100 to spend, and even on the day your budget is literally $0, you’re still going to find a great gift to send with BackPocket.’Lily Akagbosu (Founder, BackPocket)

By working with small businesses across categories such as Selfcare, Beauty, Fashion, Food, etc… BackPocket is focused on fostering a community of shoppers curating creative, personalized gifts for their recipients while considering the sizes of their pockets. 

“Our mission is to make gifting fun & easy. We’ve combined our knowledge of tech & our love for gifting to make this a reality. We’re redefining what a gift is, and helping shoppers embrace the idea that while a gift could be an item in a fancy wrapper, it could also be in the form of a special treat or a much-needed service. In our world, everyone can give great gifts.” – BackPocket

About Back Pocket

BackPocket is a gifting platform that offers personalized gift recommendations, from high-quality products to curated experiences, right within your budget. We take the stress out of gifting and replace it with a seamless experience through our platform, guiding you through a  discovery process that culminates in a recommendation of select gifts. 

If you’d like to try out BackPocket and find a gift for your loved one, please fill this form, and for any other inquiries email hello@backpocket.com. We’ve got your back, no matter what’s in your pocket.


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