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MFWK’s Fashion Insight Re-cap!

This year’s Mississauga Fashion Week featured a diverse array of designers from all around the GTA who had the opportunity to showcase their designs at the one-day pop up event. The event was held at &Company Resto Bar in Mississauga and welcomed a line up of 5 talented designers who made their exclusive premiere of their designs in the city.

The purpose of the fashion show was to highlight local designers and have them represent the talent that exists in Mississauga.

Kulsoom Sayed, the Managing Director of MFWK, noted that one of the main goals of the event was not only to recognize the work of the talented artists, but to acknowledge Mississauga’s standing as a city at the forefront of fashion and a city that designers would be proud to represent.

I arrived at the event early to meet with one of the featured designers, Zoba Martin, a local African Designer whose piece I would be wearing for the evening. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as the models and designers were busy getting hair and makeup done in preparation for the show. Backstage models were getting fitted for outfits and practicing their walks for the designs they would be showcasing on the runway.

I was seated front row and treated to an outstanding view of all the beautiful and creative designs featured that night. The show kicked off with a few words from the guest of honour- Adrian Arnerie, a 22 year old Mississauga based fashion designer and Ryerson Fashion School graduate, who had a piece from his collection make it onto the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet!

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401 Clothing opened the show with its unique and culturally influenced street wear styles. The graphic t-shirts and hoodies incorporated a mix of Toronto street culture while also paying homage to the designer’s home country Egypt with hieroglyphic and ancient Egyptian imagery.

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Next was Pop Sauvage, which featured 21st century crotchet knit pieces. From cute halter tops to long elegant dresses, these outfits were racy and risqué with the right amount of chicness. To top it off, all the pieces were handmade through crocheting. You can only imagine the amount of work that went into creating these cool crafty  outfits!

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Green Dress Designs was next in line with creative, eclectic and abstract pieces made from recycled fabrics. These unique wearable pieces of art and whimsical like designs definitely kept the crowd’s attention, not to mention all the fun the models were having strutting down the runway in them!

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Shanzay Wazir showcased beautiful Pakistani inspired gowns. These gorgeous traditional pieces were conservative and elegant with all the likes of  high fashion couture.

Ending the show was none other than one of our favourite local African designers, Zoba Martin, whose gorgeous high fashion pieces ended the show with a bang! 


I loved every single one of the pieces that was displayed on the runway and had the privilege of wearing one of her personal pieces at the event.


I wore a beautiful contemporary African print dress with a low neck line and high waist that draped into a beautiful long pleated A-line skirt. I loved that the dress allowed me the ability to move around freely while still looking snatched! Not to mention the vibrant blue and orange colour of the dress had me feeling a true African Queen. This fun and flirty dress was perfectly simple, yet chic, and gained me quite a few of compliments throughout the evening. The dress was definitely the perfect piece to twirl and strut around in at #MFWK!


Check out more of  Zoba Martin’s beautiful pieces showcased at the fashion show from her 2018 Resort Collection on the website link below!


Visit our instagram to watch highlights from the show; https://instagram.com/thekscope


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