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Mother’s Day

For all they do for us, mothers should be celebrated every day.

We always see a mother at work but do not realize the extent of her sacrifice.

One can only imagine the amount of aptitude required to hold us as we took our first breath.

The amount of joy felt as we took our first steps.

The amount of tears shed when life was unfair to us.

There is no blessing quite so dear, no light ever so bright, no hand softer than a mothers.

You make life so easy by making yours tough.
If we could give you the world we would, but that wouldn’t be enough.
All we know is the world would be a better place with more like you.

Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible mothers, may you continue to be the blessings we don’t deserve but will forever cherish.

As we celebrate, let us take time to celebrate mothers and their contribution to helping us build successful and thriving communities and also the impact their presence has and continues to have in our lives on an individual basis.

It is very important we never take for granted the role a mother plays and how important they are in ensuring that we are provided with the care we need in every aspect of our lives. 

To all the mothers out there, We wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day. 🤗