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My 1st KScope Community Picnic

“This could be interesting.” That was the first thought that came into my head as I got the notification for KScope’s inaugural community picnic on one of the Whatsapp groups I belong in. Clicking in the link brought me to an organized Google form, which is rare, and I was happy to see that they were offering small chops and suya at a great price (good food and seamless tech = bliss).

Fast forward to the D-day and I’m on my way to the park. It was quite awesome that the park, Baycrest Park, was close to the train station. That matters a lot to us commuters 😉 On getting there, I called Yvonne who surprised me by responding to me with my first name (I had never contacted her before). That little personal gesture stuck in my head as it was so different. She was calm and took the time to direct to the venue.

All this time, I was thinking “Great! I would probably meet some folks from my Whatsapp group so it won’t be all strangers.” People of God, nobody I knew was there o! Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with meeting strangers; I encourage it as your network expands. It’s just that some familiarity would have been good at easing me into this new social situation. Nevertheless, the people I met were warm and engaging, genuinely interested in your life experiences and willing to share theirs.

Honestly, I had another place to visit and thought I would just be at the picnic for 2 hours max..I was there till the end! We had so much fun discussing our different cultural upbringings, generational expectations, life in Canada and the ever interesting dynamics between men & women.

The food arrived and it was delicious! The packaging was attractive and I caught lingering eyes as I took some of the food to my next social event. The KScope team was phenomenal in making us feel comfortable and taken care of. Their synergy with the vendors was great and very cooperative.

All in all, I had fun! Enriching conversations & great memories are part of what makes life fascinating. Thank you KScope for facilitating both wonderfully.

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