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MyChopchop’s new frozen yam. Make a meal with me

Do you ever want fried yam but don’t want to go through the stress of having to chop everything down? Well MyChopchop has the answer for you as they just added frozen yam fries into their online market. The convenience without the struggle. Continue reading if you would like to see how I paired the fried yam with pepper sauce, fish, and plantain.


I started off by making the pepper sauce. I blended together tomato, red bell pepper, chilli pepper, onion, and garlic. Once blended i added it to a pot with oil and allowed it to fry for the liquid to dry out. I then seasoned it with curry powder, chicken knorr seasoning, and salt.


After cleaning my fish with lemon juice (PSA: please wash your fish and meat before cooking) i seasoned it with chicken knorr seasoning, salt, black pepper and paprika. I then fried it up. Confession: I love fish but the frying process can be stressful with how easily it can fall apart.


With all the frying and oil, I decided to use my air fryer. I must say that an air fryer is one of the top best kitchen investments and I highly recommend everyone to get one especially if you love fried food. It was super easy to do, I just added the frozen pieces into the air fryer and let it do its thing. Halfway through I did take it out to toss it around to make sure all pieces were cooking thoroughly.

And voila! Here’s the final dish. I added some salt to the fried yam as they weren’t salted. Overall I can not stress how stress-free this whole process was. Easy, convenient, and simple meal. Thank you MyChopChop for introducing these frozen yams! Highly recommend.

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You can check out the IGTV of me preparing the meal for some visuals. Don’t hesitate to go ahead and order the frozen yam from mychopchop.ca and the many other things the site has to offer. You can slo follow my personal food Instagram at foodiie.diary for some more food covers.