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Nigerian Fusion Food Tour 2018: Toronto

This year I had the pleasure to attend the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour.

Coming for its third year, the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour was created by Chef Imoteda, owner of Heels in Kitchen based in Nigeria. The aim of this multi-city tour is to export Nigerian food to a larger crowd, tailoring it to fine dining standards as well as to reach to non-Nigerians for all to appreciate this cuisine. As a dedicated foodie I was more than excited to attend the Toronto leg of the tour.

We had the option to attend either the 4 course lunch or dinner, and I chose to attend the 3pm lunch. With unlimited drinks, we had the options between zobo and ginger tonic. I ‘m not a big fan of ginger so I chose to have zobo (for the first time) and drank that for the rest of the course. I couldn’t get enough!

The first course started off with “Roadside Roast”; boli, roasted yam, roasted corn purée and pepper sauce. A great starter to get your taste buds flowing with both elements of sweet from the boli and a kick of spice from the pepper sauce.

The second course was “Miyan Taushe”; pumpkin, groundnut paste, fish, prawns and pounded yam. This dish contained nuts so the chef made both a peanut and non-peanut batch for those with allergies. I could definitely taste the peanut and the dish reminded me of peanut based dishes that i’m used to from Congolese cuisine. I could definitely see myself having this dish with a side of rice.

The third course was “Rago”; cashew crusted lamb, carrot emulsion, and effirin braising juices. We started off the plate without the cashews until it was quickly noticed it was forgotten. Once the cashews were added it definitely brought the dish together. The dish would not have been complete without the cashews.

Finally my favorite part, dessert “Suya Chocolate”; banana bread french toast, yaji chocolate mousse, donkuwa crumble, salted caramel, and yaji vanilla ice cream. I have such a sweet tooth I can never be completely satisfied with my meal without capping it with a dessert. When you think of suya you think “spicy”, so a spicy/sweet dessert? Let me tell you that it worked! Once again, playing on the sweet and spicy taste palette. 

So what was my favourite dish? I would have to say the Roadside Roast for my undeniable love for plantain with the kick of spice, and the Suya Chocolate because it had a whole bunch of ingredients I love such as ice cream, banana bread, and chocolate. What I love about the curation of the menu is how all the meals complimented one another. The warm colour palette, sleek presentation, starting off the course with a play on sweet and spice and ending it the same way bringing your taste buds into a full circle. I mean….it was nicely thought out and done, no flavour overpowering the other.

I encourage everyone to attend next year’s event, you will not regret this culinary dining experience. Stay up to date with events such as these via instagram thekscope where you can also stay tuned to watch event coverage on our IGTV.

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  1. My mouth is already craving for these food. I would have love to taste the Suya chocolate. You guys are doing a great job.

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