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Our Cover of the 2017 African Caribbean Wedding Show! #thekscope #africancaribbeanweddingshow


First off! Amazing event! The ambiance, the vendors, the show and the whole experience was truly amazing! For first time hearers about the show, The African & Caribbean Wedding Show brought to you by Ambessa Weddings! An annual show that showcases the latest Afro-Caribbean wedding trends and puts every soon to be bride and/or groom together with respected vendors who are important to all components of their wedding planning. The options range from events planners to photo/videography gods, there’s lots of cake and confectioneries to taste, decor inspiration, outfits for the guys and may we not forget… THE DRESS!

I mean, can we not underestimate one of the most important, if not the most important part of a wedding is the dress, and trust when we say that there are options for every one and in every style. There are styles ranging from cultural to modern weddings, destination, reception changes, name it! And, the fun with the dresses doesn’t have to stop at the wedding 😉 we can’t forget the honeymoon, cause there’s a dress for that too. The show really brings out the beauty in the African & Caribbean wedding culture, through each piece showcased by the many talented designers.

Je Vis Bridals





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Kyle Gervacy



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Zna.K Designs

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BaZooka Collections


Eaden Myles



The show wouldn’t be as fun as it was without having the most amazing people host. On the mics we had Mr. Femi Lawson popularly known as Mr.Tantalization and The beautiful lady, aka slayer of the mic, Ms. Jam Gamble by his side. These two personalities really held the show down and carried the crowd with smiles and laughter (almost uncontrollable). We also got to network with some of the biggest companies in Toronto and Canada as a whole, and all we can say is the meeting of like-minded people is always inspiring and productive.


Wonderful news was shared with all attendees at the end of the event. The founder of CACWS, Ms.Laba Menghistab who is CEO of Ambessa Weddings partnered with the Head planner and founder of Leigh Events, Ms.Treasa Leigh Brown who helped put together the whole show, to bring us the very first luxury wedding magazine for brides of colour, “Elegance Noire”.

Be on the look out for this amazing magazine at stands close to you. We are most certain  that this is only going to be the beginning of great things for these talented women, and we look forward to more awesomeness.

To know more details about CACWS, Please visit their site at www.africancaribbeanweddingshow.com and familiarize yourself with the nature of the event. There is a detailed list of sponsors and Vendors on the site. You can stop by to visit Ms.Laba of Ambessa weddings at ambessaweddings.com  and Ms.Treasa Leigh at leighevents.com.

Stay tuned to our blog and app for updates on the official launch of the magazine and if you haven’t already downloaded our app, you can get it on the app store for iPhone users and Google play for android users. Direct download it here; https://bit.ly/thekscopeapp

And now without further delay…

Enjoy pictures and videos from the show. We were joined by two beautiful ladies; Diane and Natacha Cibangu! Myself, Diane and Natacha wore Toronto based designer OFUURE! Use our code, KSCOPE15 to get a discount on your next purchase. Yvonne wore toronto based brand The Wifey Collection, use our code,  “THEKSCOPE” to get a discount off your next purchase.




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