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Oct 01
How Nigerian are you? Celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence!

The Talkative decided to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day with friends,…

Sep 15
Get African Groceries Delivered in Less than 1 Hour through Cornershop

It was just 7 months ago when I celebrated the first ever African Grocery Store to be…

Aug 27
Grocery Africa in Scarborough

There’s a new African grocery store in town! The store officially opened its…

Jul 17
MyChopchop’s new frozen yam. Make a meal with me

Do you ever want fried yam but don’t want to go through the stress of having to…

Nov 13
Zoba Martin at StartUp Fashion Week

Stand out in her designs  Zoba Martin drew the audience in by having them blow…

Oct 06

ÖFUURË just dropped a Fall / Winter collection featuring the Queen / King Jogger set,…

Sep 13
#StreetStyle at African Fashion Week Toronto

Toronto showed up and showed out at African Fashion Week Toronto this year! We saw…

Jun 06
The Returnee, Melapteh Spring/Summer 2019

Melapteh releases “The Returnee” Spring/Summer 2019 collection with the African…

Apr 27
The Great Teacher Inspires.

“There’s no point learning so much that you can’t give back[.] That you can’t teach…

Mar 26
Meat pies and Grilled fish at Kejjis

This time we are going all the way to Brampton to try some delicious food from Kejjis…

Feb 20
What’s The Kscope List & Why You Should Be On It!

Find your new favourite African fashion Brands, Food spots, exclusive discounts and more.

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