Category: Spotlight

Oct 21
PRESS RELEASE – The African Fashion Pop Up

Get to know Becky Umweni is a Nigerian national based in Toronto, Canada. an amazing…

Jun 30
KScopeWomen – Uty Akpan

Get to know Uty Akpan a Canada based Small Business coach and entrepreneur from Ika in…

Jun 14
Experience the world and its vast cultures through Maggie’s lens​

Get to know Maggie a traveler and the creator of CharisMaggie Tv .

May 10
KScopeWomen – Nohémie Mawaka

Get to know Nohémie Mawaka the now San Diego based serial entrepreneur, and an amazing…

May 04
Mother’s day

Mother’s Day For all they do for us, mothers should be celebrated every day. We always…

Apr 29
KScopeWomen – Somto Ibe

Get to know Somto a professional engineer in the North American energy industry, and…

Apr 16
KScopeWomen – Kelly De Fogain

Get to know Kelly De Fogain, founder of Afropolitan Canada, and an amazing member of…

Mar 31
KScopeWomen – Florence Akpan #IWD2021​

Get to know Florence Akpan, founder of Infoplace Canada, and an amazing member of The…

Mar 29
Who is, What is, Why Kscope?

You've probably wondered. What really is Kscope? Well, here's your chance.

Mar 23
KScopeWomen – Ronke Edoho #IWD2021​

Get to know Ronke Edoho, founder of 9ja Foodie, Lose It Nigerian, Jollof Code and an…

Mar 17
KScopeWomen – Emikele Oseni-Elamah #IWD2021​

Get to know Emikele Oseni-Elamah, founder of Living Meaningful and an amazing member…

Mar 17
KScopeWomen – Mary Asekome #IWD2021​

Get to know Mary Asekome founder of The Diasporic Nigerian and an amazing member of…

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