Abacha (African Salad)

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Abacha is a delicious local delicacy prepared from cassava, it is mixed with other local spices to give it a unique taste. Abacha is a meal that is enjoyed by the igbo’s in the eastern part of Nigeria, but the native taste is so distinctive making it palatable to be enjoyed by all tribe in Nigeria. If you haven’t eaten abacha before, believe me it is definitely worth giving it a try. The abacha comes with ugba, fish, ponmo, garden egg, onion rings, endive, and utazi leaf (if desired) 

  • A plate of abacha $25 
  •  A small tray of abacha $60 
  • Extra ugba $5 
  •  Extra ponmo. $5
  • Extra fish $3

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A plate, A small tray

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