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Revolutionary Sound is this Multi Genre Beat Tape by Canada-Based Nigerian Producer #OmarSurLeSonQuiTue

Super triple threat creative Omar is back! “OmarSurLeSonQuiTue” that is the name and brand of the Canadian Based Nigerian Multi Genre Producer, Artist and Dj. He recently dropped his first ever Beat Tape with a total of 6 tracks on it! He’s one of the many Nigerian local talents in Canada who is killing the game! Known by many as “Omar of Canada”, he always come through with his singles, collaborations and production skills. Every thing he’s touched has been a hit, back to back!

This beat tape features a dope mix of genres! From Pop Jazz (Lust or Love), Trap (Abstract trap), R&B (Broken), Pop & Trap (Sound of Music; 16 & 17), Sonic Sound (Polaroid) to Afrobeats (Afrotech)!

OmarSurLeSonQuiTue (VoL 1)

The first Track Lust or Love was inspired by a certain relationship he has with a girl Named Ngozi.

 Abstract Trap was inspired by the trap music is friend Tolu (A professional Photographer) listens to a lot.

 With the Sound and Vibe of Broken it’s easy to tell there is a bit of a Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez influence on OmarSurLeSonQuiTue.

 Sound of Music (16 – 17) was inspired by a Musical Movie Classic that Omar watched while he was younger.

 Polaroid was produced after Omar listened to the Album and Song Polaroid by B.O.S (His very good friend).

 AfroTech is an ongoing experiment OmarSurLeSonQuiTue is working on!

Omar will be dropping is first Ever Mixtape this summer Featuring some amazing New School Artists! Expecting greatness!

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