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From Sadness to Joy; Precious Threads for The Vlisco Fashion Fund Contest

The Vlisco Fashion fund is for upcoming African fashion designers, living in or outside Africa. Seven categories in total, six of which are held in Countries with a Vlisco office and the seventh category caters to creatives globally.

Toronto based Nigerian brand, Precious Threads by Abiola, was selected out of over 100 entries in the global category. She was then provided with fabric from Vlisco to create a 5 piece collection.

“The collection was very personal to Abiola as through this collection she shares parts of her journey as a 2 time domestic abuse survivor.  Abiola is slowly coming out of her shell and sharing her story as it is connected to the vision of her brand but also as she hopes that others will be inspired to share their stories and come out of the shadows of shame and fear.”

“In her collection for the Fashion Fund, Abiola reflects on her personal journey of escaping domestic abuse.  In her silhouettes, the volume and placement of the hand made ruffles, represent being engulfed by the abuse.  Ruffles around the shoulders and neck, speak to the weight of the abuse and the feeling of restriction in physical and emotional freedom.  The white sheets represent being restrained.”


“The content portrays the heavy emotions prior to the escape and the eventual joy and sense of self worth that follow once free.”

Model: @hectra0rdinary1
Shoot Direction: @tstyleroom
MUA: @jacqueartistry
Photographer: @jeffstiggs

Learn more about her brand and vision at https://www.preciousthreads.ca


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