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Website Contributor Guidelines

Kontributing on our website? Exciting! Here are a few guidelines for you to follow. This is not an in depth style guide but a brief and quick guide to get you started.

Our Audience

Young professionals, business owners, students and creatives of African descent living in Canada. 

Article goals

  • Resources and “how to” for entrepreneurs
  • African food related content- Recipes, where to eat, substitutions, must order, etc.
  • African fashion related content- Outfit of the day, how to style, collections, features, shows, etc.
  • Lifestyle related content- Personal stories on life in Canada, African themed shows, podcasts and more. 

Voice and style

  • Energetic
  • Afrocentric
  • Professional 
  • Vibrant
  • Engaging
  • Optimistic

We have zero tolerance for foul language, nudity or content that is perversive. All contributors have to display etiquette when writing.


We do not condone any form of plagiarism including but not limited to;

  • Taking another’s work and sharing it as yours. With word for word.
  • Also taking their work and making some minimal changes.
  • Taking someone’s intellectual content and spinning it as yours.


We reserve the right to remove any and every content that goes against the guidelines and image of The Kscope. 

Any updates or adjustments to the terms of this guideline will be communicated with you via email.