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Who is, What is, Why Kscope?

J.P. Morgan once said, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

It is a decision that thousands of Africans make every single year, when immigrating so they can create a better future for themselves and their families. Many people take for granted the difficulty of making the move into a new environment where there may be radically different cultures, diets and fashion.

Ideally we would all just assimilate and blend in with the rest of society, but that isn’t a realistic expectation for most people. Most of us yearn to maintain that connection with our roots, whether through association with people who identify with us, through the food we eat or through the clothes we wear.


Yvonne Ben was one of these people, who after she emigrated from Nigeria to Canada, wanted to still have and enjoy a few familiar pleasures that reminded her of home. As she did she found that finding restaurants, fashion shows and events where she could get what she was looking for, were all so hard to find. It was a shared experience that many immigrants faced, but she came up with an idea that would help change this, KScope.

Photographed by Shepherds Nest

KScope is a community that brings people together to better share and experience our African cultures through food, fashion and other exciting events. It is a digital marketing & e-commerce hub created specifically to promote small to medium size African businesses based in Canada.

KScope connects vendors with their desired customers by bringing everything under one roof and allowing easy facilitation of transactions through their platform and giving more visibility to African businesses operating in Canada, so in case you are thinking of starting, KScope is an excellent place to begin.


This means more convenience for the customer and also that we help more businesses start selling their products online. KScope also gives its members special discounts on all products and services listed on the platform as an added bonus.

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“At the time, there were no African businesses in Sudbury. Anyone who wanted to buy African or Nigerian groceries had to drive to Toronto to get it, which is quite alarming. I took it upon myself to create a platform to highlight these businesses through a blog on WordPress. Every time a Black-owned business would open, I would spread the word.” – Yvonne Ben Udowa


Since starting, Kscope has grown to hosting a directory which has helped many businesses grow through the tools and support we offer to the members of our community.


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