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Zoba Martin at StartUp Fashion Week

Stand out in her designs 

Zoba Martin drew the audience in by having them blow bubbles onto the catwalk as the models strut in their beautiful gowns for the Pink Carpet collection; a special way to start off the show as it engaged the audience members, and drew them into Zoba Martin’s bold world. 


Zoba Martin was showing her latest collection at Startup Fashion Week; an event that has set out to help designers and brands break into the industry, what’s more I was sent on location by the Kscope to attend the show.   Fitted in a Zoba Martin piece I can attest to the fact that one stands out in her designs, I glided into the space with my sparkly dress feeling as though the pink carpet had been laid out for me, just as the designer had intended. 

With bubbles in the air, bridal luxury pieces strut down the catwalk, many of which had unicorn inspired hair, further adding to Zoba Martin’s bold innovation and glamour. 

The designer expressed that “with this collection, I celebrate the strength, greatness and general badassery of women,” and I believed she accomplished that through the many shapes, and silhouettes of her collection.  


Check out more of Zoba Martin’s pieces on the website link below: